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Women's Catalog

Workout and Gym Leggings, Sports Bras, Cropped Hoodies, Joggers and Tank Tops

Women's Gym and Workout Leggings

Our women's gym leggings have been carefully designed in order to meet all your requirements. They have been made with fabric technology that is 4-way stretch, sustainable, and will allow for unprecedented comfort during your workout sessions. Are you ready to Wake&Shake? 

Boost your confidence at the gym with leggings that will make you look at your best. Our technical fabric will allow you to stand out and flatter your physique, while maintaining their comfort and performance.

All of our workout leggings are squat-proof and sustainable.

Women's Sports Bras

Our women's sports bras will give you the best support for all types of workouts. Enjoy workouts of all intensities with a sports bra that was designed for comfort and performance.

Whether you prefer an open back or closed back bra, we got you covered. Our collection has been made with breathable fabric that will allow you to increase your heart rate without worrying about feeling too hot.

Women's Cropped Hoodies

Our cropped hoodies are ideal for covering up when leaving the gym, and still look at your best.

Women's Joggers

Women's Tank Tops

Our tank tops have been carefully crafted to provide you with a full range of motion during your workouts. Its light fabric will allow for high intensity workouts, without causing any discomforts.